Expert’s Advice: 9 Tips to Follow After Getting a New Tattoo


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Tattoo inking is a serious and painful commitment. After its inked, it makes a home on your skin for the rest of your life. However, after getting inked, many tattoo lovers overlook the after-care part. Here’s something you should know; proper healing of the tattoo needs proper care. Otherwise, you can end up getting infected from it.

Scary! Right? Now you may be wondering how to take care of a new tattoo. Many best tattoo artists in Melbourne have shared some expert advice with us. We’ve compiled them and made a list of 9 tips that you should follow after getting a new tattoo.
  1. Follow what your tattoo artist has said:

    Melbourne tattoo experts’ say the foremost thing you should do is to implement the advice provided by your tattoo artist. After getting inked, the artist will give you some dos and don’ts. The aftercare advice may vary from one tattoo studio to another. So, follow their instructions to the tee. Some may even provide you a booklet wherein all the dos and don’ts will be mentioned. Read it cautiously.

  2. Wash your tattoo gently after a few hours:

    Till your tattoo is not healed, it is a wound, so treat it like that way. As per the majority of experts, the bandage should be removed after 2-5 hours. After carefully removing it, you should gently wash your inked tattoo with lukewarm water and mild liquid soap. Remember, washing your tattoo gently is an important after-care process. Hence, wash it twice a day. And do not scrub it with a towel; you may get a bacterial infection.

  3. Apply a recommended moisturiser:

    Generally, tattoo artists recommend some ointment or moisturiser to apply on your inked area a few times a day. If they haven’t, then you can use any moisturiser that is fragrance-free like Tattoo Goo lotion and Salve. Or else, go to a tattoo shop and buy the one. They contain natural elements that are generally lost by the skin when inked. Apply a thin layer only, do not overuse it, and allow it to air dry. Many experts have recommended using it 3-5 times a day for proper healing.

  4. Avoid submerging in water:

    You should be extra cautious while having a shower or getting into bathtubs or a swimming pool. Keeping the tattoo clean and dry without soaking in water for at least 2-3 weeks is important. And if you’ve inked your skin during summers, then avoid taking a beach vacation. However, if you’re reading the article before inking, then aim for Spring.

  5. Wear loose clothes for some time:

    Yes, for some days, you should ditch the tight clothing and pick up some loose ones. Remember, you’re wounded, so for the first 3 weeks, think that you are having a burn. You wouldn’t want clothing on your body to get rubbed again and again on the wounded area.

  6. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight:

    Well, sunlight is dangerous for your tattoo. It will burn the inked area and damage it more than you might imagine. Further, it will also fade the ink and leave it patchy, ruining the overall appearance of the tattoo. Of course, you may not like getting into any trouble. So, avoid getting the inked area exposed to direct sunlight.

  7. Be patient- healing can take time:

    No matter from which big tattoo parlour you’ve inked, you need to have patience. Different people’s skin reacts differently to tattoos. Some may heal fast while others may not; however, that’s not at all a cause for concern. The only thing you need to do is to keep following the after-care instructions.

  8. Avoid itching your inked area:

    After a few days, your tattoo can begin to heal and start flaking and peeling after drying. Don’t get panicked as it’s a natural process. However, you might feel itchy there. But don’t scratch; instead, slap on the inked area. This would last for a few days only. Moreover, if the itchy gets out of control, then reach out to your tattoo artist and get it checked.

  9. Go for touch-ups, if required:

    Sometimes, frequent washing can fade your ink. If that happens with you, then you can go back to the studio for touch-ups. They should re-touch for free. No artist would want the reputation of his/her parlour to get lessened. Hence, after six weeks or so, go back to the studio for the touch-ups on the inked area.

    Now that you know what you need to do after getting inked, implement each one of them and get the result you want. For best tattoos, reach out to the best tattoo artist in Melbourne. Last but not least, remember, it’s a part of your skin now, so own it and wear it like the crown of your head. Also read, What You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal?